A New Era of security

Pablosec is dedicated to implementing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. We lead in automation and maintain a commitment to honesty and quality in every aspect of our services.

Authentication Solutions

We offer solutions such as 2FA, SAML SP/LdP, Hardware tokens, Certificate Authentication, 802.1X, Dynamic VLAN asigmenet, FIDO, WPA 2 Enterprise and  WPA 3 Enterprise, NAC and IAM implementations.

VPN Solutions

We offer solutions and designs in the following technologies SSL, DTLS ,IPSEC IKE 1 or 2 , ADVPN using dynamic routing,ZTNA and SASE.

Information Control

Implementation of solutions such as DLP, leak prevention and document marking.

Communications Solutions

Implementation of solutions such as DNSSEC, SPF, DKIM, DMARC and DNS over TLS/HTTPS.

Protection Solutions

Implementation of solutions such as: Sandboxing (Local and cloud), Inline Malware detection, Antivirus, EDR, URL filtering and DNS filtering.

Firewall Solutions

Implementation of solutions such as: Firewall, Application control, Web filtering ,Credential phishing prevention, IPS, Antivirus, SSL inspection, WAF, ADC and DDOS protection.


Security Services & Solutions

At Pablosec, we work every day to develop and include the latest technologies, processes and methodologies to offer our customers the best solutions to improve their cybersecurity. Always from the approach of honesty and quality and focusing on the satisfaction of our customers.


Articles, Reviews and News

In Pablosec, we have a commitment to dissemination, which is why we publish articles, reviews and news on a regular basis to inform, educate and sensitize about the world of cybersecurity.


Proactively Security Review

At Pablosec, we believe that prevention is the basis for good cibersecurity, which is why we produce reports on the state of cybersecurity in different areas.

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