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We offer implementations and solutions based on Fortinet FortiSASE.



Our FortiSASE Services & Solutions

We offer quality implementations and professional services carried out by highly qualified and certified personnel always implemententing a quality control to all our projects. This allows them to carry out any project of any magnitude with the same level of service satisfaction. From basic deployments for small businesses to Multi-Region deployments.

Cybersecurity improving

We offer a solution to improve the security by implementing a SASE Solution according to industry best practices, including SSL inspection, Application Control, IPS, Antivirus, DoS protection, Web filtering and Authentication.

Secure SaaS access

We offer a Secure SaaS integration with Cloud Apps like Salesforce or Office365

Remote access solutions

We implement remote cloud access solution via SSLVPN and DTLS that allow secure and controlled remote access. Also we setup a IPSEC tunnels site to site and Hub and Spoke and  mplementations of ADVPN using BGP dynamic routing to enable secure and redundant IPSEC connections between Sites.

Secure private access

We offer cloud intengrations in a Hybrid Datacenter topology using the main cloud providers as Azure or AWS.

Design and implementation of FortiSASE

We offer implementation services for any FortiSASE Feactures, including SSL inspection, SSLVPN Remote Access, web filtering or IPS.

Best practices compliance

All of our deployments include a full review of the deployment and the generation of a report including the status of compliance with Fortinet and industry best practices.

Native cloud solutions access for strartups

We offer SASE implementation in organisations such as startups or cloud-native companies.

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