Managed Endpoint EDR AV

We Offer managed services for Endpoint EDR and AV protection.



Our Managed EDR AV Service

We offer quality management carried out by highly qualified and certified staff with continuous training program. This allows them to carry out any support services of any magnitude with the same level of service satisfaction. From basic deployments for small businesses to enterprise deployments.

ML and IA detection and Response

We offer management services with the latest technologies, such as Maching lerning and artificial intelligence, this allows them to monitor in real time and detect and block new threats in seconds rather than hours.

Device control

Our solutions allow you to block the use of USB or limit its use to only certain devices, reducing the surface for intrusion and information leakage.

Continuous improvement and Upgrades included

New threats and vulnerabilities emerge every day, which is why it is necessary to have the EDR AV solution updated and with the policies applied according to the vendor’s best practices.

Centralised Management and Visibility

Our solutions are managed from a centralized dashboard that allows you to monitor all endpoints in real time and apply security policies.

Instantly Stop Attacks

Instantly stop breaches and prevent data loss and ransomware damage with rollback capabilities.

Service provided 100% from Ireland, EU.

Our service is provided from Dublin, Ireland, allowing on-site assistance if needed.

Best practices compliance

All of our management services include a full review of the deployment and the generation of a report including the status of compliance with vendors and industry best practices.

Compliance and Regulatory adherence

 Enhances compliance for regulatory audits for NIST, ISO, PCI DSS, SOX, CIS controls, and many more.

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