In the last few years, Fortinet has increased the types of FortiOS firmwares, such as mature, feature, LTM, Special-release. In this post I will explain in a clear way the different types.

Types of Firmware in FortiOS:

  • Mature: indicates that the firmware release includes no new, major features. Mature firmware will contain bug fixes and vulnerability patches where applicable ,stable version recommended for production.
  • Feature: indicates that the firmware release includes new features. not as stable as mature.
  • Special branch: When fortinet releases a new hardware architecture such as the new 90G or 120G series in Q1 2024, in the first few months fortinet releases a firmware version called “special branch” which contains all the features of FortiOS but is not a stable production version due to the use of new Drivers in the OS.
  • LTS: Long-Term Support was a firmware concept announced by fortinet in 2020 which is based on a version that provides long term support, since that announcement there has been no further news or official release.
  • BETA: are pre-release firmware versions available through for testing and developing.